a new Mindset”

A significant challenge for many organizations and their employees!

A tool for creating higher levels of attraction, retention, engagement, productivity . . . and even wellness?

A virtualized environment characterized by connections that enables the worker to be more agile and perform?


Organizational Transformation & Team Development.


 ​ Workplace flexibility is

  • The result of industry trends in technology and work habits
  • An essential way for creating an effective organization.
  • A new way of working and thinking
  • A critical driver of employee well-being and performance


  • How inducing a new mindset?
  • How guaranteeing profitability or business running as usual?
  • How monitoring or creating the right climate supporting a greater employee participation?
  • How assessing the readiness for change?


The SEL framework leading to a successful transformation

Club Meeting Benefits :

  • An opportunity to share experiences and exchange knowledge.
  • A meeting with small groups enabling fruitful and interactive session.


  • The Companions in Change Management: Michel Vanden Bossche, Philippe Vryghem


  • Decision makers wanting to improve team or organization performances.
  • HRD wanting to secure a transformation process.




Patrick Stevens

Sparring partner, consultant, interim manager.

Senior manager with more than 20 years’ experience as Commercial and Managing Director at international level.
 Luc de Schryver

With a strong focus on managerial innovation, Luc leaded studies on company creativity in US (Buffalo State University College).

His research together with the Creative Problem Solving Group (CPSB) puts in evidence the major role of organizational climate.

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