Multifaceted team

Our multifaceted team consists of senior operational managers with ≥ 20 years’ experience and 1 senior consultant who developed international academic research and application.

Since business transformations are strategic, multidimensional and extensive, they are by nature complex. Multidimensional business transformation requires a significantly bigger and senior consultant team than normal consulting project.

Our team has a large practical experience in business transformation and is able to handle complex situations.

Depending on the customer transformation objective, the project will require companions with different organizational roles. Companions may act as executive partner, on the executive and advisory level, as tactical partner giving input on creativity and program management level, or as fully operational partner that shares responsibility for program delivery.

Our objective is to satisfy customer’s expectations. Functional roles are facilitator, coach, advisor, trainer …..

Experienced Myriadfacets partners

Seniority is a big plus in transformations processes. Companions are aware that any change is complex. They are willing to create the conditions for successful change, a nice atmosphere that fosters a good transformation.

Thanks to their seniority companions have a comprehensive knowledge of human behavior. They have the ability to create an atmosphere that fosters good change management. An understanding of organizational culture is a critical competence area in transformation programs.


Partners got a large operational experience at international level and are trilingual.  They embraced different cultures in changing environments.

Myriadfacets in Management accompanies key people to develop sets of appropriate skills & attributes that are characteristic to so-called transformational leaders.

Perfect synergy

In the scope of certain projects several colleagues cooperate in perfect synergy. Companions act in synergy in order to deliver creative and sustainable results. Synergy in this flexible and dynamic team is guaranteed by the animator, Patrick Stevens.

In the final phase, their role may include contributing technical inputs. Process implementation requires in the consolidation phase specific technical skills.

A dynamic supportive structure

The partnership inside Myriadfacets in Management generates a lot of creativity, flexibility and fun. We are willing to add high value to the client organization.

The senior operational managers of Myriadfacets in Management offer a human support facilitating the business transformation in a changing environment.

Our light structure enables us to be much competitive in a price sensitive market.