How to reconcile Good Management and Performances in Turbulent Times?

Two years ago, the CEO of a Belgian SME active in the food and beverage branch was really shocked by the sudden decrease of the turnover. The activities (spread over many European countries) showed in a few months’ time real business stagnation. This SME active for more than 70 years has been profitable for many years. Many external factors linked to the turmoil could explain this stagnation. The MD wondered what the solution could be in the short term. For sure only drastic and probably unpopular decisions would prevent further decrease of performance. In 2012 this MD is leading the company after introducing change and restoring the competitiveness.

Challenges of Organizational Development in Turbulent Times

What steps are crucial in order to boost the team and induce change?

Many deciders are faced with human challenges like:

  • How do you reconcile performance and job satisfaction?
  • How do you keep a competitive organization and motivate people?
  • How do you assume cost reduction and improve quality in a globalized market?
  • How do you communicate unpopular decisions affecting everyone?
  • How do you generate efficiently a transformation in a relative short period of time?


The world is changing drastically. The social and economical drivers are pushing the leaders and their teams to go through numerous & perpetual changes. The global economical integration, the globalization of the markets coupled with an intense competition, the technological developments, the high level of maturity of developed market, the increasing global demography, the shift from baby boomers to generation X or Y ,are some of the changes that are influencing the way individuals are thinking and acting. Those changes are pushing companies to reduce their costs, to improve the quality of their products & services, to increase their productivity and to look after new growth opportunities.

Today, at the top of the company or team, it is no longer sufficient to take unilateral decisions inducing a change process. Change   decisions will encounter the expected success at the condition that the organization, team or system adopts the change process.  Methods of the past are no longer efficient to convince each individual in the company to adopt new working habits. In a professional and business oriented environment, logic and analytical arguments are not good enough to implement successfully a transformation.  Leaders have to take into account the emotions of the individuals and not just ignore the objections or problems encountered. This new approach integrates a systemic dimension providing a large interactive overview. Furthermore the systemic approach focusses on the future objectives and not on the failures of the past.

Myriadfacets In Management is regrouping experts specialized in team & organizational transformations. These experts are Companions in Change, as they put their complementary professional experiences, with multiple facets, to the benefits of deciders in SME or big companies. In this perspective, Myriadfacets offers a human support and a practical approach encompassing the multiple facets of organizational, financial or technological change.


Myriadfacets In Management organizes regularly 1-day seminars on Organizational Development. Cases studies animated by professionals with a large MD and managerial background will cover many facets of change management. Some facets that will be discussed during those seminars are:

  • How do you avoid the classical pitfalls in a transformation process?
  • How do you achieve a successful process in change resistant system?


Willing to become familiar with the SEL framework of the transformational leader?

Feel free to contact for more details.

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