“Integrated Risk Management (IRM), Part of a Proactive Climate of Problem Solving”

Friday 14th December 9.30 am

Organizational Transformation & Team Development.

  • Integrated risk management (IRM) enhances a proactive climate essential for the economic growth of an organization.
  • To alleviate the risk of failure due to organizational issues, adoption of proper change and risk management process, plays a crucial role.


How to reconcile Good Management and Performances in Turbulent Times?

Two years ago, the CEO of a Belgian SME active in the food and beverage branch was really shocked by the sudden decrease of the turnover. The activities (spread over many European countries) showed in a few months’ time real business stagnation. This SME active for more than 70 years has been profitable for many years. Many external factors linked to the turmoil could explain this stagnation. The MD wondered what the solution could be in the short term. For sure only drastic and probably unpopular decisions would prevent further decrease of performance. In 2012 this MD is leading the company after introducing change and restoring the competitiveness. (suite…)



 a new Mindset”

A significant challenge for many organizations and their employees!

A tool for creating higher levels of attraction, retention, engagement, productivity . . . and even wellness?

A virtualized environment characterized by connections that enables the worker to be more agile and perform? (suite…)

Myriadfacets In Management Newsletter April 2012

Top Story: How improve Commitment and Engage a Team to be more Customer & Service oriented? 

With the opening of the market to new players in the global market, this business unit was pushed to reorganize the activities. Indeed emergent commercial forces promote increasing competition. Until now the general opinion of team members was ‘‘we are specialists and have time to do things the way we think best’’. (suite…)