Achieve higher performances or simply survive

In this complex evolving environment, organizations have to manage organizational innovation, a continuous transformation process, in order to achieve higher performances or simply to survive.

In the last decade, there are numerous business evidences that scientific or technological innovation is not sufficient to guarantee business performances or survival. Organizational transformation or innovation at human level delivers also sustainable results.

Energizing the human asset

Innovation is about much more than increasing the R&D budget, improving the processes, boosting creativity or sharing new ideas. It is as about energizing the human asset at individual, team and organizational levels and improve continuously organizational capabilities.

Flexibility: a competitive advantage.

As we can’t predict future, there are numerous demonstrations that flexible and adaptable organizations have a competitive advantage. An organization should stay alert to environmental changes, agile and flexible in its thinking and organizational processes. Change Management is a top priority for efficient organizations.

Organizational innovation: a priority for successful deciders

Today leaders have to be masters in the art of transforming their company. Successful deciders lead business transformation that affects the company’s emotional, organizational, cognitive and relational drivers.

Scientific demonstration

There is a scientific demonstration that we have the possibility of recreating something living and organized where there is nothing but chaos.  Professor Ilya Prigogine, Belgian Nobel Prize for Chemistry, showed that, contrary to received wisdom, in certain conditions, by moving further from the point of equilibrium, the system does not move towards its death or explosion, but rather towards the creation of a new order and a new state of balance. The instability of certain systems – entropy – is a source of innovation and represents an opportunity to expand the dynamic.A new equilibrium can emerge from a situation of imbalance. Extreme situations conceal the possibility of creating a new structure.